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3+ pounds rough feldspar stone mix for tumbling or display

3+ pounds rough feldspar stone mix for tumbling or display

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This is a USPS small flat rate box packed with a mix of similar hardness stones for tumbling. This tumbling rough consists of different types of feldspar and moonstone, including some labradorite. Each box weighs in at approximately 3.5 pounds and includes things like rainbow moonstone, peach feldspar, cream moonstone, and labradorite.

This mix is slightly more difficult to tumble polish than agates and jaspers due to the stones being slightly softer (Mohs hardness 6-6.5), but are great for intermediate level stones and are a good step for the person looking to branch out from the harder agates and jaspers.

Photos are representative of the items you will receive. As each stone is unique, please expect slight variations in size or color. Stones are mainly shown wet to accurately depict the sort of colors you can expect after polishing.

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