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Small Amethyst Geodes

Small Amethyst Geodes

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Cracked or Whole

How fun is it to crack your own geode?  We think it is pretty cool!  Not only is it fun for adults, it’s a great learning experience for children.  Take your geology lesson to the next level with these small amethyst geodes.  

These little balls of fun can have little gemmy amethyst crystals or sparkly druzy inside OR be duds *insert life lesson here*

When cracking these we have seen about a 50/50 of cool vs. dud which is why they are sold in sets. We are rooting for you here!  

Take a walk on the wild side (you do the work) and choose between a set of 10 whole & unopened geodes for $7.00 or go a safe route (we do the work) and select 5 pieces of "proven" mini geodes for $10.00.  Either way... you're a winner... at least in our book!

Amethyst is often found in Brazil, Zambia, Uraguay and other places as well, such as the United States. Amethyst forms inside igneous basalts formed from volcanic lava. The darkness of the purple color comes from the amount and purity of the iron and amount of irradiation during crystal formation.


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