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Great Lakes Stones & Goods

Stones & Crystal goods from The Great Lakes region  

  • Dishes & Bowls

    A great way to display your stones, trinkets or use as jewelry dishes

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  • Raw Specimens

    An eclectic collection of raw specimens, small & large for display or your pockets

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  • Fossils

    A small, yet growing collection of fossils

    Petrified Wood, Trilobites, Ammonites 
  • Towers & Obelisks

    Our tower & obelisk collection offers beautiful, vibrant colors with a mixture of textures and patterns through out the pieces

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  • Mini Carvings

    Whether you are looking for a mini cat carving, koalas, stars or clouds, it is a good possibility our mini's collection will satiate your need for more!

    Mini Carvings & Shapes 
  • Skulls

    Explore our exquisite collection of carved skulls, displaying beautiful detail and patterns that will delight your eye.

    Raw and Polished Skulls 
  • Geodes & Thunder eggs

    Discover a world of wonder hidden inside Geodes and Thunder Eggs. These seemingly ordinary rocks hold a treasure trove of natural beauty, including intricate patterns of agate, glittering druzy formations, and shimmering crystals. Get ready to be amazed as you explore the stunning pockets within these geological wonders.

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  • Spheres

    Whether you're a seasoned crystal collector or just starting your journey, we have a sphere that's perfect for you.

    Spheres make bold and beautiful additions to any room and can be used for decoration or to enhance the energy of a space.

    Enjoy a variety of ultra mini to extra large pieces.

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