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Great Lakes Stones & Goods

Stones & Crystal goods from The Great Lakes region  

  • Dishes & Bowls

    A great way to display your stones, trinkets or use as jewelry dishes

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  • Raw Specimens

    An eclectic collection of raw specimens, small & large for display or pockets

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  • Fossils

    A small, yet growing collection of fossils

    Petrified Wood, Trilobites, Ammonites 
  • Towers & Obelisks

    Our tower & obelisk collection offers beautiful, vibrant colors with a mixture of textures and patterns through out the pieces

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  • Mini Carvings

    Whether you are looking for a mini cat carving, koalas, stars or clouds, it is a good possibility our mini's collection will satiate your need for more!

    Mini Carvings & Shapes 
  • Skulls

    Explore our exquisite collection of carved skulls, displaying beautiful detail and patterns that will delight your eye.

    Raw and Polished Skulls 
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