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Rock, Crystal and Gift Shop in Rochester MN--Midwest Shores

In June of 2023, Midwest Shores opened a second brick and mortar rock and crystal shop in Rochester, MN.  Located right across the street from the Mayo Clinic Gonda building inside the Kahler Grand hotel, it has entrances both from inside the Kahler, and off of 2nd St SW.

We have a wide variety of tumbled stones for $3 each, discounted to to $2.50 each if you get four or more.  We even have polished Lake Michigan stones you can choose as part of our mix and match!

Midwest Shores Polished Stones and Tumbles 


Raw Stones available at Midwest Shores

If polished stones aren't your thing, we have a variety of raw stones to choose from. 

Our raw stone tumbling mix is put together here, and we include a selection of agates, quartz, and jaspers.  You get over three pounds of colorful stones, selected for tumbling together without damage.  

Midwest Shores Rochester Agate and jasper list


Check out this list to see what is available as part of the tumbling mix, or to get an idea of what stones you want to come check out. 

We keep a water spray bottle handy for the raw stones so you can really get a look at their true beauty.  We don't just have agates, jaspers, and quartz though. 

You can choose single stones (or buy in bulk) from the following as well: chalcedony roses, prehnite, obsidian, labradorite, sunstone, hematite, howlite, lepidolite, and more!


Love to collect carvings?  We have an array of stone carvings from mini to large, including axolotls, frogs, snails, ladybugs, goddess bodies, dragons, and many more!

Midwest Shores Stone Carving collage


Wanting something a bit more hands on?  Choose from our variety of geodes you can crack open yourself.  Whole geodes are priced as low as $5 for a small Moroccan geode, or grab our Geode Smash Set and get cracking with four preselected, different geodes.  Or maybe you want to get your hands on some Thunder Bay Amethyst found in the greater Midwest?  We have that, and many other specimens available, some found in the US and purchased directly from the miners, and others from around the world.

Stone and Mineral Specimen collage


Come visit our rock and crystal shop at 20 2nd Ave SW, Rochester MN.  Look around, peek inside drawers, or just say hello! Not able to come in person?  No problem--we can ship :)


Midwest Shores
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