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Break your own Geode, various options

Break your own Geode, various options

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Geode Type

Looking to crack your own geodes? Choose from the drop down menu for your preferred type. We recommend a chisel and hammer (and eye protection!) if you don’t have your own geode cracker.

Trancas geode: usually about 2.5” across and weighs 6-9 ounces

Moroccan geode: usually 2.5-3” across and weighs ~8 ounces.  Crystals are typically white or clear with a sugary appearance. Easy to crack with a hammer and chisel/screwdriver.

Crystalline Bravo Geode: ~2" across

Crystal canyon Geode: usually ~2.5” across and 6-8 ounces.  This is one of our favorite geodes to crack because of the variety of crystal shapes and colors you can find inside for the price point.  Relatively easy to crack with a hammer and chisel/screwdriver.

Cococut/Las Choyas Geode:  ~2-2.25" geode is approximately 4-6 ounces (weight can be less if geode is very hollow).  For other sizes of this geode type, check out our Coconut/Las Choyas Geode selection here.

For a set of four geode types, check out our geode smash set

Please keep in mind sizes and weights are approximates and there will be variation. We try to ensure you receive a mostly hollow geode but we cannot guarantee that as they are whole and unopened. If you receive a geode that is a whole nodule, please feel free to send us a message and we will work with you to resolve the situation.

Want to read some tips on how to crack open your geode?  Check out our blog post about opening whole geodes.


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