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Love and Luck Stone Set

Love and Luck Stone Set

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Valentine’s Day is coming up and we have what you need for self love, attracting love or helping maintain that bond you already have. These stones are great for your pocket, purse, bedside table, or crystal display.

Our Love and Luck box includes:

Rose quartz—This stone represents unconditional love, self love, and self acceptance. It’s associated with the heart chakra and is thought to be the ideal stone to attract love.

Garnet—This love stone represents commitment

Moonstone—Moonstone is often considered the love stone for couples and aids in reconciliation, but is also thought to aid in attracting new love.

Amethyst—This love stone provides balance and promotes love

Tiger eye heart—Tiger eye is a stone that bolsters inner strength, emotional strength, and confidence, while also being a protective stone…all things that help with love and relationships.

Aventurine—This is a stone of luck and abundance, which is always helpful to draw in and keep love



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