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"Obsidian Unveiled" eBook (Digital Download) by Midwest Shores

"Obsidian Unveiled" eBook (Digital Download) by Midwest Shores

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Gain insight into the captivating world of obsidian with Midwest Shores' Obsidian Unveiled: Journey Into the Fascinating World of Volcanic Glass eBook. Learn the about the formation and history of obsidian and other volcanic glasses, uncover the many uses and varieties, explore lapidary and metaphysical aspects—all contained in this educational guide.

This DIGITAL DOWNLOAD is 32 pages, and is packed full of information and photos. After purchase you will be emailed a link where you can download the eBook up to three times. This eBook showcases 15 types of volcanic glass, and also gives tips and tricks to work with obsidian.  Please note, we cannot give refunds after the product has been downloaded.

Unveil the wonders of obsidian today! (see what we did there?)



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