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Bahia Agate, polished bulk Bahia agates

Bahia Agate, polished bulk Bahia agates

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These are polished Bahia agates from Brazil. Some are banded, some are eye agates but all are interesting.

Agates generally form as nodules in silica rich volcanic rocks or water. The silica deposits in layers, creating the bands we all come to recognize in agates.

Metaphysical: Bahia agate is said to balance the masculine and feminine energy we all have, and is generally considered a stone of balance.

2oz: 4-5 stones

4oz: 8-10 stones

8oz: 15-18 stones

16oz: 30-32 stones

Please note, the number of stones you will receive is highly dependent on the size of each stone and can be variable as some of these agate nodules can be pretty large. The numbers above are meant to simply be a guide to give an idea of how many stones come in each weight option.

Polished stones are shown dry to showcase the glossy shine. Please note, as these are natural stones, there may be imperfections in the polish as not all minerals polish the same way. There may be slightly dull areas, vugs or small cracks.

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