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Chevron Amethyst Cupcake Tower, $10

Chevron Amethyst Cupcake Tower, $10

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Take your worries and toss them out of the door when you purchase a unique cupcake tower carved out of chevron amethyst.

Amethyst often is known to aide in balancing anger, rage & fears, with that comes the calming of your thoughts.  Because of the relaxing properties placing amethyst in the bedroom encourages deeper and more restful sleep.  

Amethyst is commonly found in Brazil, Zambia, Uraguay and other places as well, such as the United States. Amethyst forms inside igneous basalts formed from volcanic lava. The darkness of the purple color comes from the amount and purity of the iron and amount of irradiation during crystal formation.

So dissolve the negative thoughts and bring peace to your busy, racing, over worked mind.

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