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Polished howlite, howlite tumbles

Polished howlite, howlite tumbles

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This is a listing for polished howlite.  

Howlite was discovered in 1868 by Henry How. It is a borate mineral and since it is quite porous, can be dyed to imitate other stones, such as turquoise. It typically resembles cauliflower heads due to its irregular nodular shape. Howlite typically comes from Canada and California.

These pieces have been polished and complement any decor due to their neutral color.

Polished stones are shown dry to showcase the glossy shine. Please note, as these are natural stones, there may be imperfections in the polish as not all minerals polish the same way. There may be slightly dull areas, vugs or small cracks. We do our best to showcase each item accurately in photos, but please let us know if you would like more photos of an item before purchase.


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